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IPega TomaHawk Wireless Game Pad

Mobile Accessories

Rs. 2,200


  • 1.THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT SUPPORT IOS DEVICES. ( including Apple iPhone Apple) The product is suitable to be used mainly in Android/Smart Phone Tablet PC Android TV BoxX/Win XP/7/8/10 systems Android/Samsung GALAXYS8/S8+ S9/S9+ Huawei P20 OPPO VIVO X21 Tablet PC TV Box with a BT connection for gaming purposes No driver needed, compatible with as well as most of the android smart phone, tablet PC, TV box, Smart TV etc.
  • NOTE: You need to download the mobile game lobby before the game. You must download the virtual game platform (chicken simulator) or other. Download the game you want to play in the virtual platform. Otherwise, some games do not support, you can scan the product manual. QR code download, game download does not support other platforms, please see clearly before buying
  • 3.Support a variety of game application platforms, classic hand travel to master (micro game lobby, chicken simulator, KO video game city, grape game hall) you need to download the game in the above game hall, after connecting via BT, you can Control game control and enjoy playing.
  • 4.Built-in wireless BT3.0, control range up to 6~8 meters.With telescopic stand, the phone can be placed on the holder, convenient for playing games.(Maximum support for 6-inch mobile phone.) .The L2/R2 Analog function is even more focused on the details of operation making the games to be much more precise and easier to control.
  • 5.Most Android games support HID mode (when used on a PC, they are used the same way as Android; games downloaded in related mobile game rooms or simulators are also supported,

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