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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Xbox 360

Video Games

Rs. 99


About Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Xbox 360Advanced Warfare, similar to the next Call of Duty titles, is introduced in a first-person shooter perspective. The game includes a few huge changes; not at all like different portions, Advanced Warfare does not utilize a customary heads-up display (HUD); rather, all data is handed-off to the player by means of holographic projections from the weapon prepared. The general gunplay stays unaltered, aside from new mechanics. The amusement is the first in the Call of Duty arrangement that permits the player to pick contrasting sorts of customary weaponry; for instance, the diversion highlights general routine guns, yet the player can decide to utilize laser or vitality coordinated weaponry, both of which have varying qualities. Notwithstanding Exo developments, the diversion highlighted Exo Cloak, which permits players to turn straightforward for stealth for a stretch of time.

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